Reigns Supreme—Skinspirations Notes Surge in Cosmetic Procedures Among Straight and Gay Men

Recent trends in the beauty industry suggest that men are willing to take slightly more diverse measures than before in order to keep up a good appearance. Statistics show more than 360,000 men received Botox treatments in 2012 (1), evidence of a growing trend among men—both gay and straight—using what has been dubbed “Brotox” to treat their wrinkles. In addition to the increase, the discrepancy between procedures chosen by straight men versus those chosen by gay men is ever-widening: those within the gay community are opting for more invasive procedures, while straight men prefer noninvasive treatments that require little or no downtime. Skinspirations, a Tampa Bay nonsurgical cosmetic facility, says that the growing number of men interested in cosmetic procedures is accompanied by noticeable differences between men who seek noninvasive versus surgical procedures, and the trend is also influencing an industry shift towards accommodating both straight and gay men.

Reasons for an increase in male interest and demand for such procedures appear to be due to a tough economy and increased competition in the job market (2). However, despite the increased demand for men’s cosmetic procedures, there is still stigma attached to seeking such treatments, and the majority of men prefer to keep their procedures under wraps.

But surprisingly, the stigma associated with cosmetic procedures does not extend across all sexualities. While some straight men fear that their colleagues, friends and family may label their desire for noninvasive treatments as feminine behavior, reports have shown that men within the gay community view cosmetic surgery as an acceptable part of their lives. The most common procedures for gay men are liposuction and upper and lower eyelid surgery, while straight men tend to avoid “going under the knife” and typically opt for nonsurgical procedures (3).

Dr. Cynthia Elliott, owner of Skinspirations, has noticed a jump in the number of men seeking noninvasive procedures at her facility, with her most popular procedure being Botox injections—a trend which she says echoes previous studies, as many of her clients say the job market is to blame.

“Women have recovered nicely following the Great Recession, but men haven’t fared as well,” said Dr. Elliott. “The majority of my male patients come to me for quick procedures that have subtle results and require little downtime—they want to look younger while still maintaining their masculinity.”

Dr. Elliott predicts that the beauty industry will begin offering services that cater exclusively to men, especially those who wish to keep their procedures under wraps. Because most men value privacy when seeking cosmetic procedures, Dr. Elliott suggests looking for an experienced practitioner who can get the job done quickly, while still obtaining great results.

“A majority of men are asking for a quick, safe and effective procedure that will enhance their appearance, but doesn’t suggest that any work has been done,” Dr. Elliott said. “A patient’s confidentiality should be among the practitioner’s main concerns.”

For men who are simply seeking noninvasive procedures for a quick rejuvenation, Dr. Elliott offers three key tips to consider:

1.Look for a professional with experience with male clientele. Most noninvasive options were designed with women in mind. Find an expert with extensive experience in treating men to avoid “feminine-looking” results.

2.Don’t expect major or permanent changes. Noninvasive procedures typically require several treatments before seeing noticeable results, which often take days to become apparent and last only for a specified length of time.

3.Initiate a skin care routine. Men often forego skin care, but establishing a routine based on individual skin type can go a long way in improving skin quality.

Dr. Elliott is a former emergency and trauma doctor with the experience and expertise to perform a wide array of nonsurgical procedures in her Tampa Bay cosmetic facility. With a practice devoted exclusively to cosmetic and laser procedures, Dr. Elliott is often sought out to perform Botox injections.

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About Dr. Cynthia Elliott and Skinspirations:

Cynthia Elliott, M.D., is the board-certified owner of Skinspirations, located in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Elliott obtained her M.D. from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and then completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Denver General Hospital and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She has been on staff at Bayfront Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, University Community Hospital and Mease Countryside Hospital, and has served on the faculty of the USF School of Medicine. Dr. Elliott currently serves as an expert witness in Cosmetic Medicine for the Florida Board of Medicine. Her company, ExpertEsthetics, provides online video training in advanced injection techniques, as well as hands-on technique training for other practitioners. Dr. Elliott is also a national and international trainer for Cutera Lasers, training other physicians in the use of aesthetic lasers with skin of all colors. Skinspirations specializes exclusively in rejuvenation, enhancement and anti-aging treatments for the face and body. With her staff of aesthetic experts, you know you’ll get the best results obtainable. Dr. Elliott has been in practice for over 20 years, and has the experience and reputation to have been chosen by the makers of Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm to train other physicians and practitioners in her techniques. For more information, visit


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