Jhirmack Silver Plus Anti-aging Leave-in Conditioning Treatment (2 Packs of 3 Pieces Each)


    • Revitalizes your hair
    • Provides essential vitamins & proteins
    • Hydrates & repairs dull, distressed hair
    • Works on all hair tyeps
    • With Acai & Goji Berry

    Product Description

    With age comes wisdom and now thanks to Jhirmack® so does luxurious hair! Jhirmack® Distinctions Silver Plus is a complete hair care regimen that will revitalize your gray, blonde, bleached or highlighted hair. For best results, use with our other Jhirmack® Distinctions Silver Plus products. Silver Plus Anti-Aging Leave-In Conditioning Treatment, infused with exotic antioxidants Acai & Goji Berry, is a lightweight, leave-in conditioner for all hair types. Acai Berry is rich in essential vitamins and proteins to deeply moisturize hair while enhancing its color and shine. Goji Berry is a potent antioxidant packed with Vitamin C to fight free radicals that can damage cells. These extraordinary antioxidants and natural anti-aging properties offer intense hydration to repair dull, distressed hair, and replenish essential nutrients and minerals. Invigorate your look with Silver Plus Anti-Aging Leave-In Conditioning Treatment for lustrous, more vibrant and healthy looking hair.

    Product Detail

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