INTEY Brush Hair Straightener Negative Ion Function Straightening Brush with Turn Off Button Hair Straightener

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  • • SLEEP MODE: If Intey brush hair straightener has been left ON for more than 30 minutes, it will automatically turn OFF into standby mode. The brush heating surface will then start to cool and lights will turn OFF
  • • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS-3 in 1. Hair massager, straightening brush and detangling comb. Use all the functions and create hair styles of unrivaled beauty effortlessly in a few minutes! Eliminates frizz leaving volume and shine.
  • • FAST AND EASY - The hair straightener brush could heating to a safe 185°C/365°F in mere seconds, Straighten your hair with the brush in minutes! With one pass on each section of hair, the straightening brush will make your hair straight and smooth.
  • • HIGH QUALITY-Made with top quality materials that can guarantee its great functionality even after many years of use. The most essential accessory for every woman that will work wonders for you, too! Ergonomic grip for comfortable styling with our brush hair straightener.
  • • EXTRA SAFE-Designed to enhance the look of your hair and never harm them. With precise temperature control for maximum safety and a comfortable, warm contact with your head! Heats up to 230° C with option for various heat settings. Auto shutoff after half hour. Also has a Lock button to lock the temperature and on/off buttons.

Product Description

Now, every girl knows that a flat iron takes a while to heat up, but not the hair straightening brush: it reaches 230°C in 8 seconds! The part that actually heats up is the base of the brush, which is a ceramic plate. There are plastic bristles all around, and those don't heat up. The red plastic studs in the bristles provide further protection, so that you can't even burn your head. Transform your hair instantly using the Intey Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush. Whether you have curls, waves or frizz and flyaway, this handy tool brushes them all away, leaving your strands sleek and straight without the hassle of standard styling tools. Here's how it's different: it's easy to use, saves you time and it's gentle on your hair.

Heating to a safe 185°C/365°F in mere seconds, this tool evenly distributes heat without damaging your tresses in the process and you control the level of volume. You will love that it saves you time and the results of course

For best results:

• Use only on dry brushed hair but some people preferred to use the brush with their hair still slightly damp.

• Brush slowly in a pulling motion

• Make sure you hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush

• For optimal results use this brush only on dry, brushed hair.

• Step 1: Select the temperature with the plus and minus buttons and you get a readout on the LCD.

• Step 2: Brush your hair making sure it gets between all the bristles and the inner area of the brush.

• Step 3: Brush from the roots to the tips of your hair in a slow pulling motion, on the inner or outer side of your hair, as you please. Section out your hair. An individual strand will take around 2-3 brush strokes

Rated Voltage: 100v - 240V

Rated Power: 75W

Product Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Product Detail

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