BLINK Lash Primer Eyelash Extension 50 ml

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  • Blink Lash Care Primer - 50ml
  • Blink Lash Primer is used to clean and disinfect the natural lashes.
  • Blink Lash Primer will remove any dirt, oil, and make-up on the natural lashes.
  • The key to longer lasting eyelash extensions begins with a clean eyelash surface.
  • Use immediately prior to application with micro brush to clean lashes. (micro brushes also sold in our store)

Product Description

This lash primer is used to prepare, clean and disinfect the natural lashes. The primer will remove any trace of protein, dirt, oil, make-up on the real lashes. This will help the extensions to bond & adhere to the natural lashes better. Clients eyes should be closed when applying primer. Use the micro brushes (also sold in our store) to lightly clean the lashes. Apply extensions as usual. Blink Lash Care Primer extends the life of the eyelash extensions.

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