Aloe Vera Gel by Eva Naturals (8 oz) – Soothing Formula Great for Skin Rashes, Bug Bites, Burns or as a Psoriasis Treatment – Eases Acne, Dry Skin and Dandruff – With Dandelion and Gotu Kola

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  • SOOTHE IRRITATED SKIN: From itchy bug bites to painful rashes, Aloe Vera delivers the cooling relief your skin needs! Coupled with the anti-inflammatory properties of Gotu Kola, it's an effective sun and razor burn treatment that hydrates dry, aggravated skin.
  • FIGHT BLEMISHES: Declutter your collection of beauty products and grab the one blend that does it all! Antibacterial and safe for sensitive skin, our Aloe Gel is the best acne treatment around. Paired with Horsetail, it cleans pores and leaves skin silky smooth.
  • GREAT FOR HAIR: Struggling with flakes and dandruff? Our gel includes antioxidant-rich Dandelion, which works as an effective itchy scalp treatment! You can even use it as a styling gel or a leave-in condition for hair that's shiny, healthy and easy to groom.
  • ORGANIC ALOE: Derived from organically-grown Aloe, our gel maximizes the healing and nourishing effects of this incredible plant! It's great on its own, but you can also add essential oils to create DIY formulas for itchy skin, cracked feet or hand sanitizer.
  • SHOP RISK FREE: Place your order now and discover why this is the best Aloe Vera gel for face and body. If you don't love it as much as we do, you can return your order using our unconditional money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

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Product Description

One Formula, Countless Possibilities!

For many people, pain is beauty. We suffer razor burn for smooth legs, rough exfoliation for
radiant skin, and use harsh treatments to help battle blemishes. As a result, skin becomes raw,
sensitive and uncomfortably irritated.

With Aloe Vera Gel from Eva Naturals, you don't have to choose between comfort and beauty!
Our versatile formula starts with a base of soothing Aloe Vera. Known for its healing properties,
it's a great remedy for sunburn, bug bites and dry skin. Gotu Kola is also at work, reducing the
inflammation that often accompanies rashes and psoriasis.

We love using Aloe Vera because it's safe for sensitive skin! Coupled with the antibacterial
properties of Horsetail, it cleans the pores and keep breakouts at bay. But our blend isn't just for
skin. Massage it into your scalp to fight dandruff or use it as styling gel for shiny, healthy hair.
You can even use it to relieve itchy or bald spots on dogs and cats!

From organic Aloe to Dandelion and Geranium, our gel contains only premium ingredients for
the best results! But if you're feeling creative, add your favorite essential oils for DIY shaving
cream, face wash or eyebrow gel that's tailored just for you.

Why Choose Our Aloe Gel?

- Soothes sunburn, skin rashes and irritation
- Helps fight breakouts
- Promotes strong, healthy hair
- Great for DIY projects
- Made with organic Aloe

Try Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Guarantee!

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Order Your Gel Now and Revolutionize Your Beauty Routine!

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